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Monday WOD 4/1/19

Alternate between A and B for 6 sets: A) 8/leg Bulgarian Split SquatB) 8/leg Romanian Deadlift *Build weight after each setAMRAP 10:20 Wallballs (20,14)10 Deadlifts (225,155) 

Sunday WOD 3/31/19

Hang Power Clean:3-3-3 (Increase in weight each set) For Time:100 KB Swings (70,53)*Every break, perform a 100m Suitcase carry with KB

Saturday WOD 3/30/19

AMRAP 20With a partner, split reps as desired:50 Push-ups 750/500m Row 100 Double Under's 

Friday WOD 3/29/19

"Nancy"5 Rounds For Time:400m Run 15 Overhead squats (95,65) 

Thursday WOD 3/28/19

7 Rounds For Time: 25m Broad Jump 15 Pull-ups 10 Strict Handstand Push-ups 

Wednesday WOD 3/27/19

Front Squat: 6x4 (Increasing each set)AMRAP 6: 3 Squat Cleans (185,125)6 Bar Facing Burpees 

Tuesday WOD 3/26/19

3 Sets for time: 15-12-9- Calories on the Assault Bike (Ladies 12-9-6) - Toes-to-Bar - Box Jump Overs (24,20)*2:00 rest between sets 

Monday WOD 3/25/19

2-2-2-2 Strict Press 3-3-3-3 Push Press 4-4-4-4 Push Jerk* One set will be 2 Strict Press + 3 Push Press + 4 Push Jerks*Increase weight each set for 4 total sets ___________________For Time:50 Calorie Row 


Congratulations to Joanna who has been crushing it with us for nearly half a year now! If you’ve taken a class with Joanna before you know how hard of a worker she is. She never makes an excuse to skip a class. We were fortunate enough to have her do a little Q&A with us...

Sunday WOD 3/24/19

For Time:800m Run80 Air Squats 600m Run 60 Air Squats 400m Run 40 Air Squats 200m Run 20 Air Squats *Wear a weighted vest if possible (20,14)