Programs and Services

Personal Training and Individual Workout Program Design

We cannot recommend enough the value of individual attention ESPECIALLY when beginning any new fitness regimen. Not only do you have a fully attentive coach focusing on your movement for the full session with personal training, you also will see results much faster than if you were to take the group classes because the individual workouts are designed specifically for YOU to accelerate improvement and maximize results! The vast majority of Firewallers start with some form of personal training to kickstart their fitness journey in the safest way possible.

Nutritional Services

Nutrition is the foundation and most important part of fitness at our facility. We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “you can’t outwork a bad diet.” Truer words have never been spoken! Our program centers around YOU – the individual. We take a case by case approach when working with our members. Our goal is to gradually change your eating habits – to teach you the proper way to eat and how to make it work with your lifestyle. We offer a FREE consultation for anyone interested in our nutritional services! We want to be able to answer all questions you may have about the program before you commit.


CrossFit classes are for everyone! The beauty of CrossFit is each workout is modifiable to anyone’s fitness level. Whether you are CrossFitting for the first time or this is your fifth year, everyone performs the same workout at their own ability. This program is geared towards the everyday person who has the desire to become a better conditioned, more flexible, and stronger individual. The classes are structured to cover both components of strength and conditioning as well as gymnastics movements! Workouts from day to day can vary anywhere from 3 to 45 minutes, and it’s extremely rare you’ll ever do the same workout twice. The movements you’ll see are constantly varied to always keeping you on your toes wanting more!


We created this program for a couple of reasons. We realized looking in from the outside, CrossFit can be extremely intimidating. Our FWFit classes are anything but! This is our introduction to CrossFit program if you’re thinking CrossFit isn’t for you just yet, but you want to give our group classes a shot. Instead of starting with barbells in your hand and hanging on the pull-up bar, our FWFit members utilize smaller pieces of equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, plyo boxes, and jump ropes… NO HEAVY WEIGHTS. The only machines members use are rowers and stationary bikes. The goal is to not only create better conditioned moms and dads, but to also add strength and melt away the fat. The majority of the classes will consist of 2 parts: 1 – strength work to improve everyday functionality outside the gym 2 – a conditioning piece with the aim of improving lung capacity. The beauty of these classes is that they are modifiable to EVERYONE. There is no set weight or standard of movement that needs to be met in any class. After a few months in this program, we do encourage our members to at least try transitioning to our CrossFit program because we truly believe that is where the most results will be found! Again, FWFit is one of if not THE BEST way to start at Firewall.

Teens Strength and Conditioning

Our teens program focuses on the needs of our 12-17 year old athletes. Similar to the structure of a traditional adult CrossFit class, the teens class hones in on technique and range of motion before any significant weight is added. Many teenagers have found what they learn in the gym applies to and complements activities outside of the gym such as sports, karate, theater, etc. These classes are an incredible way for teenage athletes to enhance their lung capacity, strength and flexibility while adding in a lot of fun!

Kids Fitness

These classes are structured for our 5-11 year old athletes. The goal of these classes is to get the kids moving the entire hour. These kids do not need any athletic background. A normal class will consist of a warm-up, skill work, short workout, and then a fun game at the end. Our warm-ups are usually comprised of a lot of running and full body movements. There are little to no weights involved as we mainly focus on form and technique. We offer a fun balance between camaraderie and competition that the kids can’t get enough of!